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Luna Playground allows you to manage, create, edit and export unlimited iterations of your playables and videos for all the major ad networks.

Change and test multiple variants such as colors, speeds, game mechanics and messaging, all from within the Playground.

Modify, test and publish your playables easily using the Playable Builder in Playground.


Luna Insights helps you understand how users engage with your ads enabling you to make data-led creative decisions.


With Luna's Playable AI, set your campaign goals and allow our creative optimisation algorithm to automatically tailor your creatives to boost performance.


Export your playables instantly for any ad network

Save time and supercharge your creative workflow by exporting your playables easily to your playable ad networks of choice. We automatically check that your playable build meets the requirements of the network you’re publishing to.

How does Playground work?

1. Start in Unity
Using the Luna creative plugins, Playground automatically syncs with your Unity project
2. Customise, publish and test
Anyone in the studio can use Luna Playground to create and export creatives
3. Measure and optimise your creatives
Use Luna Insights and Playable AI to measure your creatives' performance and dynamically optimise your creatives

What do our customers think?

Game studios love Playground’s easy-to-use interface, powerful tools and instant access to insights.