Create customisable, highly performant HTML5 playables in Unity

With Luna Playable, anybody in the team can easily change any part of your playable in the cloud. Or, create self-optimising playables using Playable AI, which learn from your install data and can change themselves in real-time to deliver optimal performance.

How it works

1. Start in Unity

With Luna Playable, you can now use Unity to build your playable ads, directly from your game.

Use your existing assets, animations and other most-loved Unity features to create ads that truly represent your gameplay.

2. Create unlimited variations

With no coding involved, change and test any game variant such as colours, speeds, game mechanics and messaging, all from within Luna Playground.

3. Make data-driven creative decisions

Through Luna Insights, understand how users engage with your ads to make data-led creative decisions.

With Luna’s Playable AI, set your campaign goals and allow Luna dynamic optimisation to automatically tailor your creatives to boost performance.

Playable AI

With Luna Playable AI, you no longer need to create dozens of playable ad versions to upload on the networks.

Simply create one playable, select what you’d like to test, and let us do the work!


Playable AI automatically injects variations into your live ad campaign

As users interact, we see what’s working well and dynamically optimise the delivery for performance

Understand what worked well, and make data-driven decisions for your next campaigns

Try for yourself

Here are a selection of real playable ads. Created by our partners. Powered by Luna.