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Playable ads and Videos directly from your game in Unity.

trusted and loved by some of the world’s biggest game studios

One video,
Unlimited variations.

Create hundreds of high-quality and unique gameplay videos from a single recording with Luna Replay.

Create playables directly from your game



Build your playable experience in Unity.


Produce unlimited iterations for all ad networks.


Understand with Luna Insights. Fine-tune with Playable AI.

Meet the creators

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our partners.

“Luna wins the award for ‘I wish I’d thought of that 2019’! They’ve produced a genuinely innovative tool & service that provides a new outlook for playable production.”

Ryan Davies

Head of Digital Marketing, Kwalee

“When we first heard about the Luna technology we thought there must be a catch! Their team and technology has consistently wowed us and we’ve now embedded Luna into our in-house concept testing and playable ad production.”

Thibault LeDuc

Head of UA, Voodoo

"Luna technology is now part of our in-house creative workflow and has made a big impact on our creative capabilities. Their creative platform allows our studios to produce outstanding marketing assets by fully leveraging Unity. We’ve been super impressed with their team from day one, our only frustration is that everyone will soon move to Luna too!"

Sagi Schliesser
Founder & CEO, Crazy Labs

"Our creative team loves using Luna labs as it significantly reduces the resources required for playable (and video) creation process, allowing them to spend more time constructing innovative ideas than resizing and reformatting. The Insights tool provides loading and engagement metrics to better understand our playable performance (technical & creative) helping us optimize to more than just CTR."

Mark Beck
CMO, Tripledot Studios

“We were incredibly impressed with how versatile the Luna platform was. We tested multiple concepts before launch. The playable was super high quality and it was our best performing asset. Combined with speed of delivery, the overall process was just second to none.”

Şekip Can Gökalp
CEO, Coda

“We sent Luna an impossible task for our latest game. They made the impossible possible! Their technology is a game changer for our studio.”

Jonathan Hattab
CTO, Madbox