Top 10 in 10 days: How Sunday scaled its first global hit using Luna Playable Pro

Customer Story

Top 10 in 10 days: How Sunday scaled its first global hit using Luna Playable Pro


Company Size: 12
Location: Germany
Genre: Hyper-Casual

Key Results in Just 10 Days

16 Playable Concepts
Top 10 in the U.S. App Store
80% Installs From Luna Playables
55% Uplift in IPM

The Company

Sunday is a hyper-casual studio and publisher based in Hamburg, Germany.

Founded just a year ago, this team creates and publishes extremely engaging and addictive mobile titles that are loved by everybody around the world. As part of AppLike Group, they have been able to get ahead with their monetisation and automation capabilities.

Now, gearing up to become one of the leading publishers and studios in the industry, they’re improving their creatives abilities — starting with playable production.

The Early Days

Previously, Sunday didn’t work with playable ads because of two reasons: 

  1. They knew how costly and time-consuming it was to outsource playables. 
  2. It’s crucial for them to have full ownership over their creatives because they recognise how valuable creative knowledge is for studios today. 

Although they wanted to bring playable production in-house, they didn’t have the dedicated resources to at the time.

When Sunday Met Luna

The team at Sunday quickly learned that Luna was product-focused and technology-driven — two core values that Sunday also shared. More importantly, they discovered that Luna technology was built with studios in mind; it enables them to use nothing but their existing resources to build creatives, seamlessly fitting into their end-to-end workflow whilst allowing them to uphold full creative control.

These factors ultimately led Sunday to sign up to the Early Access Program for Luna Playable Pro. Since then, the team has been able to get the most out of Luna technology through community support.

Sunday’s Best 


playable concepts


uplift in IPM

Top 10

in the U.S. App Store

Sunday’s adoption of Luna Playable into their creative workflow improved their team efficiency tenfold; the resources they need to build their creatives are essentially the developers who have been working on the titles. As a result, their entire production has been effortless as the people who know the game inside out were able to communicate its appeal directly to what they produce.

To top it all off, the team at Sunday created 16 playable concepts for their most recent title, Cat Escape. Not only did this generate over one million installs (with 80% of it coming directly from Luna playables), but it also increased IPM by 55% — making their first mark in the Top 10 in just 10 days.

Tap the icon below to demo the playable!

Two things that immediately stood out when we started working with Luna were how much they care about their product and their drive to create value for their partners.

As for the technology itself, it has supported us immensely in scaling our first hit, especially when we’re still a new company going up against industry giants. The team at Sunday is definitely in it for the long run, and is excited to see what other tricks the team at Luna has up their sleeves!

– Christoph Sachsenhausen, Managing Director at Sunday 

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