Supersonic boosts interactive creative production 90% with Luna Elements

Customer Story

Supersonic boosts interactive creative production 90% with Luna Elements


Company Size: 60+
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Genre: Hyper-casual

As a hyper-casual studio, Supersonic needed to be able to test creatives at scale quickly and easily. Seeing room for improvement in how they approached interactive creatives, they teamed up with Luna.

Here, Asaf Prager, Creative Manager at Supersonic, talks about using Luna Elements to boost their interactive creative production by 90% while maintaining quality.

Before Luna: coding-heavy creative production

Our creative team used to rely on a tool based on Javascript to design ads. It was a manual code-based platform, which meant we needed to onboard a designer to the platform and teach them to code. But the initial onboarding and the coding issues that came from such a complex platform slowed down creative production. 

In the world of hyper-casual publishing, where the top charts shift frequently and competition is high, designing and iterating creatives quickly are incredibly important. We can’t waste any time in finding the right combination of creatives that unlocks scale for our games.

That’s why we started using Luna Elements, which lets anyone create well-designed interactive creatives in a few, easy steps – no coding or design background required.

“Luna allows us to create short, engaging experiences that drive performance instantly with no need to handle code. This allows us to focus purely on the creative aspects and iterate quickly without wasting time on the technical side of production.”

– Asaf Prager, Creative Manager at Supersonic

Helping our games succeed with Elements

Easy to use for any team member

Luna Elements was so easy to use and made it possible for anyone on our team to design and test iterations of interactive creatives. It took us one day to learn how to use Luna – a far cry from the weeks it took before to onboard a designer to the Javascript-based platform.

The templated design makes it as simple as possible for anyone across teams – from operations to UA – to create playable ads. 

Quickly iterate on playables to find the right creative combo

It’s not just important to design creatives quickly, but also to iterate on them efficiently – the goal is to find the right combination of video and interactive creatives that unlocks scale at an affordable cost per install. Luna Elements let us easily create playable ads from top video creatives and test new concepts quickly to see what improved game performance.

We used Elements to create and iterate on playables for our games Move People, Bridge Race, Going Balls, Join Clash, and Bazooka Boy, which have all reached the top charts.

They remained in the top charts for weeks, indicating that user quality was high even as the creative helped the game scale.

“With Elements we’re able to cut production timelines without sacrificing performance.”

– Maya Dahan, Creative Performance Manager at Supersonic

Boosting interactive creative production by 90%

The ease of using Elements and eliminating the need to design creatives using Javascript helped increase our interactive creative production by 90%. Now we’re creating and testing 26 interactive end cards (IECs) per month, up from 12 just a few months ago.

Since seeing how powerful Luna is in streamlining our creative operations and maintaining quality, we’ve transitioned most of our production to the solution.

We believe in the power of Luna for making our creative process easier, faster, and more efficient so we can scale our games with high-value users.

See one of their top-performing Elements-built playables here

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