Rollic reduces video production time by 98% with Luna Replay

Customer Story

Rollic reduces video production time by 98% with Luna Replay


Company Size: 30+
Location: Istanbul
Genre: Hyper-Casual/Casual

Key Results

Average turnaround time per video: 15 sec (previously 15 min)
Reduced video production time by 98%
Created 1494 video variations for 15 games
Average of 100 videos per game

The Company

Rollic is an Istanbul-based game developer and publisher committed to producing a scaling portfolio of global titles and building a future-proof ecosystem in the gaming industry. In becoming the next big thing, it’s without question that maximising the production efforts of their video creatives has been a part of their game plan. 

Before Rollic met Luna Replay

The creative team at Rollic has always seen the value of gameplay videos for marketing – they are the driver of scalability and success for their chart-topping titles. However, just like what other studios have experienced, their production process has without a doubt been very time-consuming.

Considering the number of videos the team needs to produce for each game and having an average video turnaround time of 15 minutes, this has become a massive efficiency blocker. 

The Partnership 

With Luna Replay at hand, the creative team at Rollic has been able to quickly capture gameplay, sessions and create and modify an endless number of video variations with different colours, objects, text copy and aspect ratios. 

Not only has such capability solved one of their most fundamental workflow issues, but it has also significantly increased the efficiency of their team. To top it all, they now have the capacity to invest more of their time in creative strategy and growth rather than spending countless hours each week on producing gameplay videos.

The Happily Ever After 

15 min.

average turnaround time per video before Replay

15 sec.

average turnaround time per video with Replay


reduction in production time

After integrating Luna Replay into their video production process, it now only takes the creative team at Rollic 15 seconds to produce one video and 15 minutes to produce 60 videos — reducing production time by 98%

Better still, the team has created 1494 video variations for 15 titles in total, resulting in an average of 100 videos per game.  

Here’s a glimpse into the different variations Rollic was able to create for one of their biggest hits, Tangle Master 3D:  

Rollic - Tangle Master 3D

Now, moving forward, Rollic will be using Luna Replay for their upcoming titles to continue optimising the production workflow of their gameplay videos!

Luna Replay has helped our team maximise video production efficiency through automation – freeing up our time so we can purely focus on creativity. What really became the icing on the cake is the support and care we have been receiving from the team at Luna!

– İnci Alper, Creative Director at Rollic

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