Pushing the creative boundaries for hypercasual

Customer Story

Pushing the creative boundaries for hypercasual


Company Size: 50-100
Genre: Hypercasual
Games launched in 2019: 13
Games tested in 2019: Several hundred

The company

Kwalee is a hypercasual games publisher, based in Leamington Spa, UK.

In 2019 they published 13 games on app stores globally, but behind the scenes, they tested in the order of hundreds, and they know first hand the need for quickly getting to quality creatives. When they find their next hit, having the right creatives can be the difference between success or failure.

Kwalee Team

The partnership

Playable ads play a large part in Kwalee’s marketing strategy and are used for every game being launched. They also know that it can take several iterations to find the “perfect” playable, sending your game up the charts. Ultimately, Kwalee needs to operate with scale and speed whilst maintaining creative control. Partnering with Luna offered an exciting opportunity to tackle these requirements.

“We’ve been excited about what Luna is building since we first heard about them.

Being able to control our playable ad production in-house means we can work to our own schedule and also create internal know-how which is essential to stay in front.”

Ryan Davies – Head of Digital Marketing, Kwalee

When the teams first started working together, Luna focused on understanding the creative workflow, to understand what that would take to refine their platform to add value to everyone in the studio, from developers to marketers.

“Kwalee has been a key partner in our product development” says Steve Chard, CEO and co-founder of Luna Labs. “They have always pushed us to solve real studio problems and to deliver a product that tackles consistent creative challenges in gaming”


The teams collaborated on several games throughout 2019. Check them out below.

Tap an icon below to demo the playable!

Towards the end of the year, Kwalee took full control of the process and started producing creatives with Luna Playable.

“Having this solution in our studio means we can move quickly when we need to. Recently we had a game launch that moved very fast – we wouldn’t have had time to have a playable made externally but with Luna we could go from concept to playable in a number of days.”

Liam MacLean – Unity Developer, Kwalee

Kwalee also just started using Luna Insights and Playable AI to understand user behaviour within their ads and to enable dynamic creative optimisation to automatically change and test variations of the ad.

Luna is passionate about solving creative problems we have in the studio. Recently we started testing their Playable AI solution which automatically finds the best versions of our playables to show users and improves performance. This is a game-changer – we’re able to save hours which can now be spent on creating better playables for the next game!”

Ryan Davies – Head of Digital Marketing, Kwalee

What’s next?

Kwalee are continuing to integrate Luna Playable into their workflows, and are now looking at how they can use playable ads from as early as the concept stage, to evaluate the potential of new games. 

They’re also collaborating closely on a new Video product from Luna, currently in closed Beta.

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