Panteon found immense success with playable ads using Luna Elements

Customer Story

Panteon found immense success with playable ads using Luna Elements


Company Size: 50+
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Genre: Hyper-casual / Mid-Core

Key Results in 2 Months

Produced 70 Luna-powered creatives
10+ Elements-built playables per week
Delivered 25% of total installs for 100 Mystery Buttons

Panteon is one of the leading mobile game studios based in Turkey, with +100 million installs, +20 million monthly active users, and +12 hits across the globe.  

Using Luna Elements makes us feel like a magician. Even if you aren’t a developer, it’s effortless and straightforward to create playables, let alone to make them quickly. And, to be able to drive such results with minimal production efforts required is astounding.

 Nesli Malkoç, Marketing Art Team Lead At Panteon

Avoiding the time-consuming process of playables

The team at Panteon had been well aware of the time-consuming process of outsourcing playable production. Not only would it take tremendous efforts to onboard a third-party provider, but often, the end results didn’t match the brief. 

Noting the challenges, Panteon chose not to work with playable ads at all, and experimented with different ad formats – until they were able to produce them in-house.

Saving production time with Luna

All along Panteon was looking for a solution that would seamlessly integrate into their creative workflow.

Using Luna Elements, which enables anyone to create playables with no development resources or expertise, they’ve been able to save production time, overhead costs, and give playable ads a shot. Panteon has also been able to gain full ownership over their creative process and improve their feedback loop — accelerating their iteration process as a result. 

Better yet, they witnessed an immediate increase in traffic the moment they ran Elements-built playables in some of their lower-performing campaigns. 

Now, the team is also using Luna Playable to create rich ad experiences, enabling them to further scale their games.

Maximizing creative output and delivering 25% of their total installs


Luna-powered creatives
in 2 months


Elements-built playables
per week


in the U.S. App Store

After adopting Luna’s technology, the team at Panteon produced over 70 Luna-powered creatives in 2 short months — with around 10 Elements-built playables per week to align with their UA goals. 

Luna Elements was a key contributor to 100 Mystery Buttons reaching #1 in the US App Store as the Luna-powered creatives for this title delivered 25% of their total installs. The highest performing playable even had an engagement rate of over 75%.

See their top-performing Elements-built playable here

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