Empowering a global game studio with a creative platform

Customer Story

Empowering a global game studio with a creative platform


Company Size: 150+
Genres: Hyper-Casual, Casual
Games launched in 2019: 20+

The company

CrazyLabs is a global gaming studio and publisher focusing on casual free-to-play titles. With offices in Israel, China, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Germany, they value the ability to create a unified culture with shared learnings and processes.

CrazyLabs – Israel Team

The Partnership

As CrazyLabs continues to grow their hypercasual and casual games portfolio, they understand the great impact playable ad creation has on the success of their game launch. Having a tool that can scale across their studios and be integrated into their existing ways of working would add immense value.

“After Steve and Adam shared their product vision with us last summer, it had quickly become a unanimous decision to start working together. Not only was gaining more control over our creatives important, but delivering great playables was also imperative to our growth plans

Mor Shahar, CrazyLabs


The team at Luna provided CrazyLabs with a thorough onboarding and support structure so they could quickly and efficiently train their internal teams. Within a short few weeks, they were able to scale their new creative capability to their studios globally.

All of our studios have integrated Luna technology into their workflow, and are now able to quickly produce playable assets for game launch. Having creative assets that both perform well and allow us to be more efficient with our time is invaluable

Mor Shahar, CrazyLabs

On top of the efficiency gains, CrazyLabs quickly discovered the unparalleled creative quality they could achieve with Luna Playable.

“Putting the technology to the test, we were able to produce a playable that was an almost exact replica of our endless runner, Jumanji! It simply wouldn’t have been possible to create that level of quality without Luna”

Avner Gavireli, Senior Unity Team Lead, CrazyLabs
Jumanji – Luna Playable

What’s next

Using Unity as their playable editor, the current creative flexibility CrazyLabs has is unparalleled. As such, their studios are getting the most out of their newfound capability as they rigorously test different playable structures.

CrazyLabs is learning the best way to fully leverage Luna for every new release; it’s now primarily concerned with refining its creative processes and defining best practises within the company, and unlocking their creative potential.

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