AZUR GAMES reduces playable production costs by 5x and increases IPM by 3x with Luna

Customer Story

AZUR GAMES reduces playable production costs by 5x and increases IPM by 3x with Luna


Company Size: 400+
Location: Larnaca, Cyprus
Genre: Hypercasual, Midcore

Key Results

Scaled playable production by 5x
Increased daily installs by 10x
At least 20+ Luna playables per month

AZUR GAMES is an international mobile game developer and publisher headquartered in Larnaca, Cyprus. The company is counted among the Top 5 Mobile Publishers worldwide by downloads, having passed the mark of 2 billion installs in 2021.

AZUR GAMES adopted Luna Playable across their entire gaming portfolio with the goal to maximise output and reduce production costs. Since then, their playable production scaled 5x without a large trade-off in cost. Learn all about AZUR GAMES’ experience with Luna directly from Evgeny Fedin, Marketing Creative Director at AZUR GAMES. 

Among the many frameworks for creating playable ads, we’ve seen only compromises. When we started working with Luna, we didn’t believe it was possible to find one single solution for creating, managing and optimising our creatives, and only after a while, did we realize we in fact did.

Evgeny Fedin, Marketing Creative Director at AZUR GAMES

Outsourcing is not perfect

Although playable ads have long been part of our marketing strategy at AZUR GAMES, before working with Luna we had to outsource our creation, which led to several challenges, including limited numbers of playables per month, expensive production costs, and lack of flexibility.

A limited number of playables per month

There’s a high demand for playable ads in the industry. Contractors usually run multiple projects and often can’t give exact deadlines. Even working with several playable agencies at the same time, we couldn’t create more than 20 playable ads per month. We soon realised we need to increase the quantity and the quality of our playables.

Outsourcing is expensive

In addition to the above, many of the contractors we worked with also had to make HTML5 games from scratch, and each playable ad ended up costing between $900 and $6000. When we started tallying all the costs together, we realised it playable production each month was costing us more than it was worth.

Lack of flexibility

We had to work with what the contractors had already produced. If we wanted to make any changes or even make small iterations, we had to put in a new request and pay for the changes separately. One time, we wanted to test whether using a different coloured sky would help drive more clicks. The quote we received for this request was hundreds of dollars and the turnaround time was at least 2 weeks. “Playing” with the settings ourselves was really out of the question.

All these factors made a huge dent in our efficiency, but getting to know Luna turned our entire creative workflow around.

Creating thousands of high-quality playables on demand

Prior to working with Luna, our playables were made entirely from scratch, with all the delays and complications that entailed. Since using Luna, our workflow has been greatly optimised.

We started by removing all unnecessary assets from our game and directly connecting to the Playable plugin. The magic happened when all the assets we tagged were then converted into HTML5.

We no longer have to constantly seek help from external developers, compromise on design, or delay the launch of our marketing campaigns. More importantly, our marketing department now manages the entire creative production in-house!

Best of all, we are also able to comfortably test and optimise any playable concepts right inside Luna Playground. Their easy-to-use user interface gives us the ability to create millions of colour and object combinations with a single game variable.

Maximising creative performance whilst reducing production costs by 5x

Instead of scaling our user acquisition with only 10–20 playable ads per month, we are now creating at least 20 playables in-house and testing over 50+ creatives in total on a monthly basis – and at a fixed cost. 

The best part about all of this is the performance we have been able to achieve with Luna-powered playables. For instance, the creatives we built for increased our daily installs and ad spend by 10x, our install rate by 4x, and IPM by 3x.

Give one of their top-performing Luna playables a try

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