How automating playable production took Alictus’ Money Buster! to #1 across the globe

Customer Story

How automating playable production took Alictus’ Money Buster! to #1 across the globe


Company Size: 20
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Genre: Hyper-casual
Games Launched Since 2019: 8

Key Results Within 12 days

3M installs (iOS) from Luna Creatives
60% Uplift in CTR
8 Playable Concepts
200+ Variations

The Company

Alictus is a hyper-casual game studio based in Ankara, Turkey. 

This growing team of 20 was founded in 2013 to bring crazy enough people with bold ideas to achieve ambitious goals while creating the next chart-topping hits. When we say ambitious, we mean the Alictus team does everything in-house – from designing, developing, and publishing their own titles to, more recently, creating their own playables.

The Pre-Luna Challenges

Before Alictus came across Luna, they were frequently running into the key problems many similar-sized studios share when outsourcing playables: the long, painful, and expensive process, the inefficiency that comes with it, and the lack of creative control.

For a hyper-casual studio, getting the right creatives ready ahead of game launch can prove vital to the success of the title. This was no exception to their latest release, Money Buster!, which challenges players to detect counterfeits through a magnifying glass and other tools. 

However, Alictus found that their dependence on third-party playables meant they often had to delay their launch or move forward without the ad. All in all, the inability to make iterations quickly, let alone concept test efficiently, was not compatible with the business model the studio had.

The Partnership

Luna technology provides Alictus with the ability to automate their production and testing of different playable variations in-house. 

The studio is now in full control of their creatives, allowing them to move forward and create in a fraction of the time than it previously took. With Luna’s playable self-optimisation tools (Playable AI), they have been able to further test unlimited variations of their ads to ensure they’re maximising performance.

Although they initially had doubts, their end-to-end experience with Luna has completely changed their outlook on playable production. 

The Results


playable concepts




in CTR

Since adopting Luna Playable into their workflow, Alictus has significantly improved their team efficiency, and unlocked a whole new level of creativity and performance – becoming more ambitious than ever.  

With Money Buster!, they performed multivariate testing for 8 different playable concepts with over 200 variations that truly represented the game. To top it off, they completed this within 12 days, exactly from the official launch to now. 

Best of all, they have already seen an uplift in click-through rate by 60%, and that 70% (3 million) of their total installs are directly from Luna playables.

The highest performing variation even took Money Buster! to number 1 in the US, UK, Canadian and Australian App Stores. 

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Our team described Luna Playable as a Ferrari that’s been sitting in our garage – a very valuable asset that we needed to better understand.

Now, we know how to make the most of its power and will be using our Ferrari to reach number one in the charts for the rest of our titles!

– Emre Tas, CEO at Alictus 

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