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The self-optimising Luna playables for one of their chart-topping hits: Get Married 3D

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Top 1 in UK

Luna Playable is the sling in our David v.s. Goliath story. They’re democratising creative ad technology for mobile game developers like ourselves and supporting us to compete against the goliaths of the industry. 

Since working together, we’ve been really blown away by both the technology and the incredibly smart and talented team at Luna. We know this is a great long-term solution for us at Gamejam. 

Christian Calderon
CEO & Co-Founder at Gamejam

The Company

Gamejam is a hyper-casual studio of 10 based in Vietnam.

With huge ambitions, their mission is to collaborate to make chart-topping hits for everyone around the world whilst competing against the Goliaths of the mobile gaming industry — big publishers. In becoming David, Gamejam has been searching for the sling to unlock their creative ability. 

Before Gamejam Found Their Sling: Luna Playable

When it comes to creatives, Gamejam’s pre-Luna days centred around two issues: the time-consuming playable production process and a lack of resources to dedicate to creative production. With only one UA manager to manage millions of dollars of spend across 15 different channels, it’s no surprise that they also outsourced their playables.

Indeed, outsourcing the work relieved some pressure from the team, but ultimately, they were still short on playables because of how slow and painful the process was. From time to time, they were able to get back one playable within a week. At other times, it would take more than a week to even get one back – hindering them from scaling their UA campaigns. 

The Alliance

Gamejam had been able to create more (and better quality) content to scale, and even quadrupled their creative output only 48 hours after adopting Luna Playable

Since then, Gamejam has been enjoying Luna technology and the performance it helps them achieve. 

The Victory

In a true David v.s. Goliath fashion, Gamejam took their game portfolio from top 50 to top 15 after integrating Luna Playable into their creative workflow – unlocking a whole new level of performance. 

For instance, the team performed multivariate testing for over 700 playable concepts with 14 thousand variations, which drove over 50 million installs in return.

Better yet, the self-optimising Luna playables they created for one of their chart-topping hits, Get Married 3D, increased IPM by 15% and generated 2 million installs (since launch).

What will your Luna story be?

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